Breather valve

Pressure and vacuum relief breather valve is designed to protect low pressure storage tanks from excessive Pressure (or vacuum) created by thermal expansion (and contraction) and product movement into(out of) the tank and at the same time minizing costly product evaporation/loss.

Excesses in pressure or vacuum may also cause permanent deformation to the tank or unbalance a vapor recovery system.

The pressure and vacuum relief breather valve is installed on the storage tank roof. The valve may be mounted in onjunction with a KSFH or KSFI flame arrester to provide maximum protection against excessive pressure and vacuum while minizing accidental ignition of flammable product vapor from external sources.



The Sampling and Gauging Hatch Cover of the Model KSGE are designed, manufactured and tested according to the TOPSAFE standard code.


The model KSGE is made to take the fluid samples from the storage tank, to measure the temperature, and to take test of the stored fluids.
The KSGE is a weight pallet model designed to handle pressure a minimum pressure of +25mmW.C and a maximum setting of +500mmW.C
Self-closed & Non-sparking type
Self-closed & Non-sparking type
Size 4” through 12”