Breather valve

Pressure and vacuum relief breather valve is designed to protect low pressure storage tanks from excessive Pressure (or vacuum) created by thermal expansion (and contraction) and product movement into(out of) the tank and at the same time minizing costly product evaporation/loss.

Excesses in pressure or vacuum may also cause permanent deformation to the tank or unbalance a vapor recovery system.

The pressure and vacuum relief breather valve is installed on the storage tank roof. The valve may be mounted in onjunction with a KSFH or KSFI flame arrester to provide maximum protection against excessive pressure and vacuum while minizing accidental ignition of flammable product vapor from external sources.



pro02_ksftfh.png pro02_ksftfh02.png
Flame Trap Ass’y of TOPSAFE makes no difference though it is installed in line of horizontality or perpendicularity.
fuse has an element which is made of metal, and to be melted easy, so it can intercept flame within 15seconds at
You can see the position of valve disc stem at outside though heat resisting plate glass, so you can confirm whether valve is opened.
Also, disassembly and cleaning of flame element is convenient and we can repair fast and it doesn’t need disassembly to exchange.


KSFTFH type Flame Trap Ass’y of TOPSAFE is composed of Model KSFH Flame Arrester and quick closing valve, automatically, in according to a rise temperature of heat.
Generally, it’s installed to pipe line in front of gas line from each gas holder and digester.
Also, it’s prevent igniter to install in using gas equipment line.
Flame Trap is designed to protect as a from explosion of propagation of flame.
Meet USCG, IMO MSC/Circ,677 & EN 12874 requirements
Designed for Explosion & Deflagration proof
Maximum Capacity & Minimum Pressure drop
Capability of Bi-directional flow & flame arresting
Quick & Easy removable element
Very easy cleaning & maintenance
Available vertical & horizontal installation
No need forced push out pipe-lines for removing element
High quality corrosion & chemical resistance